Leadership Team

Executive Staff

Executive Director
Katherine Schwartz, LCSW

Chief Financial Officer
Janet Briggs - Interim

Director of QA and Agency Operations
Heather Little

Human Resources Director
Nadia Chargualaf

Early Childhood & Family Support Division Director
Lynne Moore-Kerr

Behavioral Health Clinic and Community Services Division Director
Jennifer Wu, PsyD

School-Based Services Division Director
Kyle Sinkoff, LCSW, PPSC

Crisis Services Division Director
Karen Zeltzer, LCSW

Board Officers & Members

President - Jono Soglin 
Vice President - Thomasina Woida
Treasurer - Michael Essien
Secretary - Gregory Canales

Ingrid Castro-Rodriguez
Johanna Hall
Rebecca Jeschke
Linda Lyons
Cesy Martinez
Scott Means
Seung Paek
Shane Killian
Samantha Soogian