Crisis Services


The Alameda Community Assessment Response and Engagement (CARE) Team is a mental health crisis response program that provides highly trained Alameda Fire Department (AFD) paramedics to respond to non-violent, mental health crises in the City of Alameda.

This City approved and funded program is a police alternative to mental health crisis response, with the goal of reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room, and creating stabilization plans.


Alameda Family Services (AFS) provides 24/7 On-Call Licensed Clinicians to support the paramedics in the field, with best practice assessments and interventions. In addition, AFS provides intensive follow up Clinical Case Management to support individuals and families with linkages to services and resources that support ongoing stabilization and reduce future crises.

If you are in need of an emergency response for a non-violent mental health crisis, please contact the non-emergency Alameda Police Department (510) 337-8340 or call 911 and ask for The Alameda CARE team.