Changing Lives, Building Community Since 1969

We began as a teen hotline called The Love-In Switchboard. It was in 1969 that Sue Matheson, an Alameda parent, started the agency in her living room with $500 and a few volunteers. The agency was then incorporated the following year operating as Xanthos, Inc. until 2005 when the name was legally changed to Alameda Family Services. The name was changed to represent very clearly the purpose of the agency– to serve as a resource to the families of Alameda seeking support.

To this day we remain deeply rooted in the city of Alameda as a fully integrated community-based organization offering premier mental health services combined with early childhood education and family support. Our mission to foster healing, resiliency, and growth creates a foundation underlying all we do. We fulfill this mission by providing extensive services that improve the emotional, psychological and physical health of individuals of all ages and families at all stages.

Our program areas are uniquely designed to offer a comprehensive continuum of care and opportunities for Alameda families seeking support and resources. Our services can be accessed through the following program divisions:

  • Early Childhood and Family Support Services
  • School-Based Services
  • Mental Health Clinic & Community Services

Within our circle of care, we change lives while building a community in which the wellbeing of all is realized.


Alameda Family Services fosters healing, resiliency, and growth through the delivery of progressive and comprehensive services to individuals and families at all stages of life.


A community in which the well-being of all is realized.

Core Values

Inclusion, integrity, compassion, well-being, community.