Leadership Team

Executive Staff

Executive Director
Katherine Schwartz, LCSW

Director of Finance
Kenneth Koerner

Human Resources Director
Marianne Boudreau

Early Childhood & Family Support Division Director
Lynne Moore-Kerr

Behavioral Health Clinic and Community Services Division Director
Jennifer Wu, PsyD

School-Based Services Division Director
Kale Jenks, PsyD

Board Officers & Members

President - Alysse Castro
Vice President - Ruth Ormsby, LCSW
Treasurer - Thomasina Woida
Secretary - Dani Musso

Ashi Batchu
Laurie Bochner
Gregory Canales
Johanna Hall
Rebecca Jeschke
Kathy Moehring
Debi Moss

Alameda Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council

Bret Leigh Thelen

Alameda Police Department - Emilia Mrak