Alameda Community
Assessment Response
and Engagement (CARE)


The Alameda Community Assessment Response and Engagement (CARE) Team is a pilot program approved by the Alameda City Council that will be utilizing a mobile crisis team staffed by a licensed Alameda Fire Department Paramedics and EMTs with Alameda Family Services providing 24/7 on-call clinical consultation and intensive case management follow-up. 


The CARE Team is designed to provide mental health assessments and medical clearances in the field for community members experiencing a crisis within the City of Alameda as well as highly responsive, individualized linkage services so as to reduce the liklihood that the crisis will immediately reescalate.

The mobile team provides diagnostic assessments, identify the most appropriate interventions, and provide transportation. The primary goals for the program are to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and visits to emergency rooms, including psychiatric emergency services, and to reduce police involvement in mental health emergencies.