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Nika’s Place & Girls Lounge

Over 80% of all girls who are commercially sexually exploited and trafficked were homeless when the exploiter found them. Our goal is to reach these youth before anything happens. Once they have been exploited their escape is profoundly difficult and often life threatening.

This year DreamCatcher will expand their services and continue to utilize their expertise by opening Nika’s Place, a shelter for girls escaping commercial sexual exploitation, and the Girls Lounge, a drop in center offering services and resources to girls escaping street exploitation, violence and abuse. Services in both programs will be both gender specific and geared toward offering the empowerment and support needed to break from street life and danger and create a future.

Safe landings are critical to the youth of our community. DreamCatcher Youth Services provides safe landings and are creating even more in the coming year. For every dollar spent in bringing a youth to safety, five dollars are saved from the services provided over the lifetime of the same child. It is both complicated when we don’t reach them and relatively simple if we do.

Our greatest resource as a society is often waiting on the street, potentially lost to us. We can find them and give them the support they need. Once these disconnected youth receive support, they go on to college, national leadership, local leadership and productive members of our community.