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  • About Dreamcatcher

    Since 2000, DreamCatcher Youth Services has been the only safe landing for homeless and disconnected at risk youth in Alameda County who are between the ages of 13-18. Over 90% who have been through DreamCatcher have moved directly into stable housing, further education or employment.

    Our youth exit to greater safety and go on to futures they didn’t have the energy to imagine when they first came to us. Over a third of our staff are graduates of our program who returned as adults wanting to give back for all they received, for the ways their lives changed.

  • Volunteer

    These are no ‘high risk’ youth. Tragically, there are youth from high risk environments and they are our hidden heros, fighting against heavy odds to have the future we all know they deserve.

  • Please Help

    This world is dangerous at levels never imagined, predators are walking the streets, and violence can flare in an instant with not the fighters but the lingering child becoming the victim.